Aixa Bayala

Being a hairstylist for the last 6 years has been nothing short of amazing! I have been specializing in making hair look perfectly natural and lived in. Whether that be with the perfect lived in balayage or a cut that can lasts you a few month while still looking graciously beautiful.

"If you love what you do, you'll go all in. You'll embrace the pain of improvement, and the boredom of consistency. If you love it, failure won't stop you from getting up and going it again. Actions reveal commitment."

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Alejandra Flores

All you need is great hair and a Great Dane

After moving 1,600 miles away from home to pursue my dream to do hair, I have meticulously, & diligently learned the art of modern hair color. I specialize in the luxury of everyday, livable, modern color placement looks. This applies to my blondes, my gorgeous brondes and my natural brunettes. Tailoring your finished look to your skin tone, face shape and maintenance goals is how I’ve come up with a few of my signature finishes.

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